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Sealfie provides daily protection against presidential fraud, fake suppliers, and identity theft.

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Have confidence in who you're communicating with. is a DeepTech startup created in October 2021 by cybersecurity veterans

By scrolling through our news updates, you will find explanations about the frauds we prevent. Our blog elaborates on areas of concern and how our solution addresses them.

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images/posts/websummit-logo.png Joins Startup Alpha Program at Web Summit 2023 is set to participate in the Startup Alpha program at Web Summit 2023 from November 13-16 in Lisbon. They will showcase Sealfie, their unique deepfake protection mechanism for payment approval, at their booth on November 15. As they prepare for their seed funding round, they invite interested investors for discussions on the robust security features that offers in the fintech domain.

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Deeptech grant with L3i

The L3i of the University of La Rochelle and have been awarded a Deeptech Emergence grant from BPI. This funding will enable us to overcome the barriers to the adoption of open blockchains by businesses.

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Fake CEO Fraud (BEC)

Discover how to safeguard your business from the growing threat of Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud, commonly known as the Fake CEO Scam. Learn about effective prevention strategies and innovative solutions like Sealfie to ensure secure financial transactions.

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We are building a digital solutions ecosystem where security is openly shared with the user, integrated, and part of a virtuous circle.

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Our vision is that of a set of digital services and actors who provide their customers with verifiable assurances of security

Users possess certificates issued by their counterparts, businesses, or individuals, which they can use as they see fit to prove their statements: presence, purchase, residence, certification, etc.

We differentiate ourselves by connecting these attestations to create a verifiable means through which multiple sources can verify users' statements.

Our DeepTech partnership with L3i aims to enable companies to fully manage the issuance of open blockchain certificates for their customers.

The result is digital services based on trust from the outset, and they are highly resilient against attacks due to the multitude of information sources.

Generative AI for mimicking style.

Cybercriminals gain access to CEOs' emails and use AI to mimic their writing style for free. Standard security recommendations advise caution and looking for anomalies, such as spelling mistakes or language errors. It's easy to see why these recommendations are no longer sufficient. Criminals can create convincing forgeries, even with dedicated AI like fakeGPT. Sealfie supports the most targeted individuals by providing peace of mind during crucial financial transactions.

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Generative AI for voice impersonation.

The business email compromise (BEC) fraud is indeed associated with emails, serving as the preferred entry point for attackers who then move on to other channels, notably voice. The democratization of generative AI allows a criminal to obtain real-time voice cloning software for less than 100 euros. Protection based on human detection of a fake voice is destined to fail. Nevertheless, these are the classic recommendations for safeguarding against this fraud. We offer an innovative approach with Sealfie that requires no training.

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Finance Professionals on the Frontline.

The psychological and emotional impact of BEC (Business Email Compromise) scams on accountants and financial controllers is immense. They are literally on the frontlines, drawing a parallel with the movie 'Saving Private Ryan.' Beyond the financial aspect, accountants are often viewed as suspects, reported as unreliable to authorities, and frequently terminated for negligence. Meanwhile, criminals can create convincing forgeries at minimal cost. We enable these finance professionals to supplement their vigilance with irrefutable evidence of their good faith, without forcing them to be seen as overly meticulous.

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