My boss is an AI

Do you remember the CEO who is an AI in China?

This article is not a recycling of old news, but rather an exploration of identity theft in the era of AI. You may remember Madame Tang Yu, the humanoid robot, who became the CEO of a publicly traded company in China. This technological advancement has shown that artificial intelligence (AI) can now make important business decisions, thus replacing humans in leadership roles. However, today, we are not going to dwell on Tang Yu, but rather on a subject just as important and worrying: voice cloning.

The technological ease of cloning voices

The article It’s Time to Protect Yourself From AI Voice Scams clearly demonstrates that the creation of synthetic voice models is not only possible, but also increasingly accessible. This achievement highlights a worrying reality: hackers now have the means to create synthetic voice models. It is therefore obvious to anticipate that criminals will specialize in creating models to clone voices and resell them on the darkweb. No technological barrier protects you from these attacks anymore.

The impact on identity theft detection

In today’s digital world, it has become utopian to think that generic cybersecurity training, based on mistakes and poor imitations of criminals, will be enough to protect businesses from impostors. Fraud attempts involving identity theft are becoming more sophisticated and common, and traditional prevention methods are simply no longer up to the task.

How Sealfie arms employees against fraud

This is where Sealfie comes in. Our solution uses proactive, automatic technology anchored in a public blockchain for verification and automation. Our goal is to equip businesses with the necessary technology to ensure that only truly authorized individuals can give orders. By using Sealfie, businesses can certify all kinds of transactions, whether physical or digital, and prevent falsification and identity theft. In addition, Sealfie creates an immutable trail of evidence to defend you in case of investigation.