Deeptech grant with L3i

We are delighted to announce that the Computer Science, Image and Interaction Laboratory (L3i) of the University of La Rochelle and have received a Deeptech Emergence grant from BPI. This grant will help to unlock the attractiveness of open blockchains for businesses, by increasing trust and efficiency in digital interactions.

The L3i is a research laboratory in the field of digital sciences, with a particular expertise in intelligent and interactive management of digital content. The laboratory works closely with the socio-economic world and has a strong culture of university-business relations.

On its side, is an innovative company that focuses on enhancing its clients’ declarations by linking attestations made from their digital traces. Their product, Sealfie, allows you to have verifiable and multi-source proofs of your assertions by simply taking a photo with your smartphone.

This grant will allow these two entities to work together to develop solutions that unlock the attractiveness of open blockchains for businesses. This could transform the way businesses interact with blockchains, by increasing trust and reducing adoption barriers.

Stay tuned for more information on the progress of this exciting project!