The team

The Team

Nicolas Thomas - Founder

Versatile entrepreneur, speaker, investor, strategist, and publisher in the telecommunications industry.

Nicolas Thomas is the originator of the idea and the services it offers, noticing the lack of solutions in the field of traditional cybersecurity. For over 20 years, Nicolas has identified and supported several major transformations in the industry as a solution architect, including x86/Linux, platforms, Clouds, devops, security, and led the standardization of security within the MEF (MSSP, ZTA, and SASE).

Investors and Advisors

Richard Klieman - Investor

Richard is a British lawyer and a French jurist. With his experience gained in Silicon Valley and the energy sector, he served for 10 years on the European executive committee of a NASDAQ-listed company, with a turnover of 9 billion dollars. Richard specializes in technology, personal data protection law, compliance law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, as well as corporate governance.

Joan Ross - Advisor

Joan has extensive experience as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in several companies and as a university representative in the field of cybersecurity. She previously held the position of CISO at DocuSign.